Monday, February 7, 2011

America the decline of an Empire.

This video is 20 min of a talk show call "Open Mind" where Judge Waring and Martin Luther King speaks about the success of their cause which is bringing the negro in America and mostly in the south to the status of first class citizens.

Judge Waring says something that I thing is of great importance, I paraphrase;

- As American,We the people have rights.
These rights are not giving to us they are OURS.
The court system doesn't go around telling us what our rights are,
 but it tells us that we are American Citizens and as such
 it is our duty to know these rights and exercise them.-
A country's  destiny is in the hands of its people.  It is its people who will raise its status and it is also its people who will bring it down.

Hundred of thousands of Americans fought and died during the Civil War for these rights. Things today we taking for granted such as the inherent right of everyone for freedom, justice and the pursue of happiness.

But like most great enlighten Empires before, when the majority of its people become lazy with leisure and find more time for the entertainment arena then been part of the political arena it is just a matter of time for its decline leaving room for the next enlighten country to rise?...  Who will that be?  China? Russia? The Middle East?  What do you think.

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Guests: King, Martin Luther with Waring, J. Waites
Theme: Race

Do you know ALL your rights?

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Toyin O. said...

Great video, thanks for sharing.

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