Friday, January 28, 2011

Turks are not Arabs or Mongols.

I have in my previouse posts written about the Turkey and its history. The following is a 6 minutes video I would like to share  with you. It will I hope help to know the Turks better.

Turks are often mistaken for Middle Eastern and Arabs, these two groups have nothing in commun but  Islam. Otherwise they couldn't be more different. The Turks ethnicly range from Caucassian, to Asian, to Black, Yes, there are black Turks.
One thing you will not learn in your class room is the 6 Turkic Empire spending over 2000 years.

This video is just a quick answer to the question "Who are the Turks", it is now up to you to found out more.

Watch the Video Now


askcherlock said...

This was a most informative video. The geo-political global landscape has changed dramatically and there are too few who understand the history and what lead to these changes. With even more global changes on the horizon, it is important that we stay informed. This video was enormously helpful in that regard.

Toyin O. said...

Very informative, thanks for sharing.

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