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"Give me your freedom I ll keep you safe."

What is a Superpower?

Alice Lyman Miller (Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School), defines a superpower as:
"a country that has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemon."

Superpower was a term first applied in 1944 to the United States , the Soviet Union, and the British Empire.  After WWII the United States stayed the only country with its industrial infrastructures intact and the atomic bomb.

President Truman said:
"the only thing new in the world is the history you don't know."
The United States have since influenced and intervened in other governments in a manner unprecedented through history. The 1947 National Security Act had fundamentally changed and reorganized The United States Military establishment, The National Security Council; it was also used as a pretext for Extra-Constitutional Powers in the name of National Security. The National Security Act has also been the base for the creation of  the CIA as an Intelligence Gathering Agency.

The United States control of political, economic and military strengths are paramount in the interest of multinational corporations, so much so that democratically elected governments were overthrown to guarantee such control: control over world resources, control in the access to raw materials, control over markets and labor powers in the third world. For example:

 Jacobo Arbenz  democratically elected president of Guatemala was overthrown in early 1950 with the help of the CIA when United Fruit Company was in danger of loosing its concessions in the region.

Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. CIA Operative Masterminded Operation Ajax; where in 1953 the democratically elected Prime Minister in the Democratic country of Iran Mohammed Mossadegh was overthrown again with the help of the CIA when he dared nationalize Iran's oil. He was  replaced by  the Shah, a puppet Prime Minister.  His first act was to denationalize the oil and offer 60% of its production for sale to American firms.

Noam Chomsky, PH.D. ProfessorEmeritus Lingustics, MIT  and author said:
"The US will support democracy only and only if it accords with strategic and economic objectives"

Bill Blum American Author and Historian said:
"the US have been overthrowing government all over the world for quite a few years specially  in Latin America"
President Salvador was overthrown and assassinated in 1973 by the CIA for his support of the nationalization of Chile's copper mines. America has in doing this supported ruthless leaders at the expense of the people's freedom and liberty to protect their own interests like in Nicaragua, Grenada and Panama.

In its address in 1983 President Regan said:
".. that the United States along with our friends seriously oppose  use of force by one neighbor against another in Central America the US stands firmly on the side of peace."
Yet all through the 1980's President Regan's cabinet supported well known ruthless dictators  such as Pol Pot of Cambodia, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and Osama Ben Laden just to name of few.

Until Desert Storm and Desert Shield, the United States had not been in a declared war after WWII, yet its military forces were engaged somewhere around the world at one time or another. Euphemism such as armed response, peace keeping, police action, military policing were used.  The United States have officially 737 military bases worldwide. This number doesn't include the 14 permanent bases in Iraq, the one in Cosovo and Bosnia, those in Afghanistan, and the covert ones such as British military bases including the naval base on the isles of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
 President Eisenhower is the first to use the term Military Industrial Complex. Over the years the Pentagon has outsourced its military functions to private contractors. These contractors have secured very lucrative contracts: ( Eric Prince, CEO Blackwater), contracts for weapons, contracts of security and mercenaries.

During the Iraq war over 100,000 civilians, contractors, 20,000 private security forces profited from the war in Iraq just to name a few. We have spent 22 billion dollars on the "Reconstruction Relieve Funds," 63% went to U.S. Multi-National Companies and the rest went to Iraqi Companies who then purchased from US Companies, 2.3 billion went to only one company, Bektell a subsidiary of Halliburton. These companies are known as War Corporatism; they are now accountable for their actions as the military would.

During the war between Iran and Iraq, we funded Iraq and encouraged Saddam Husein to invade Iran. We were involved in Pakistan and Afghanistan giving life to the Talibans. We funded UNITA "popular front of Angola" who fought the legitimately elected government because we perceived it to be Marxist, same in Namibia. The collateral damages on the civilian population caught between this Cold War proxy war was never taken in account.

To judge US foreign policy lets look at Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Osama Bin Laden is a direct product of our government's proxy war with then Soviet Union. Then again our government's sanction against Iraq was the fall out of the US foreign policy once Saddam stopped being the United States puppet President.and decided to invade Saudi Arabia. The collateral damages on the infrastructure, the economic restrictions on the civilian population was extreme, half a million children died and as long as Iraq was under sanction, Saudis were the primary oil suppliers, the price of the barrel went sky high.

The main interest behind Desert Shield was to protect the oil.  If oil was to be paid in Euro rather then dollars, like Iraq and Iran wanted, the US government would collapse and be bankrupt in a matter of weeks.

Valarie Plame Wilson CEO at the CIA joint Task Force Iraq said:

" The information was cherry picked from facts and intelligences to convince and to justify the war to Saddam

words like extraordinary rendition were used to soften the reality of our government's unconstitutional and human right violation.

"Extraordinary rendition" is a euphemism for unconstitutional detention and interrogation, secretly flying kidnapped individuals to Jordan or Egypt to torture and circumvent our laws. If terrorism is defined by the use of terror, then the US government can be called a terrorist state. Guantanamo  and Abu Ghraib came to the worlds attention with the pictures of tortures and abuse of prisoners by US soldiers. These actions were evidence of the violation of our constitution, violation of civil human rights, violation of  the Geneva convention and all international laws against torture, abduction, denies of legal council...

"False Flag" is a strategy where an attack is blamed to a third party. 9/11 is suspected to be such a False Flag to justify the invasion of Iraq.

 It used to be that countries were considered superpowers, now the real superpowers are Transnational Corporations. The one that controls the market controls the world.

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. all we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New world Order." - David Rockefeller

In 2006 a group of neoconservatives in government  would underline what they would like America's role in the future, basically to dominate the rest of the world economically, militarily and culturally.

The  "Project for American Century  Rebuilding America's Defenses" book. (click on the link for the complete report) was drawn as a blue print for the new world order which underline "...some catastrophic and catalyzing event-like a new Pearl Harbor."

 9/11 disaster put such a fear in America that we gave the government liberties we would otherwise never had given them. We allowed our government to take up action that we would never have authorized; the preemptive strike to Iraq and the retaliatory strike against Afghanistan. ( Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 18, 2001 in the battle of Tora Bora.)

The majority of Americans accepted what mainstream medias reported, not knowing that the information provided was directly supplied by government officials. Anything of the contrary were labeled unpatriotic and un-supportive of our troops.  Now we know it was all lies.

DH Griffin Wrecking Company was the company was contracted for all demolition in operation for the world trade sight following the 9/11 disaster, they refused all interview to answer questions on the clean up, such as why steel was removed before any forensic testing was made? or if any detonation was found in the wreckage.
30% of the population believe that Bush's administration was responsible for the 9/11 disaster, how then can we explain that we suspect our government to be cold-blooded mass murderer and accept it because we think that we can not do anything about it.
There is a deep belief in the nobility of the state. We are brain-washed to believe that we as Americans are so good we cannot do wrong, there is even a name for it "American Exceptionalism" and "Disneyfication", because no matter how bad America's foreign and domestic policies are, no matter what the facts are. Even if we do more damage then good, Americans believe that the intent was good and honorable. Today with the internet and new technology the government can no longer manage the  flow of information. When true and unaltered information is available to the public, I believe the people can do the right thing. During the Vietnam War the information and pictures were key to raised outrage leading to mass anti-war demonstrations.

Fascism is a totalitarian political ideology that consider individual and other societies needs to be subordinate to the need of the State.  Without checks and balances to the powers giving to the federal government we could see the abolition of American civil liberties.
United States have implemented a system of dominance of inequality and violence against any country who stood up to it. We could be repeating the history of the Roman Republic whose military powers became too big to control.  Roman Republic became a military dictatorship.
Since 9/11 we have seen increased restriction on our civil liberties, our envied democracy is more and more looking like a Police State. Isn't it a contradiction to claim that a country has a democratic domestic policy and its foreign policy is but imperialistic?

The Patriot act is a 350 page proposition presented to the house floor only days after the 9/11 tragedy occurred, there is no way that such a large piece of legislation was put together in such a short time.  Not only not enough copies had been printed, but the members of the house were rushed to vote on it without  the opportunity to read and understand its content. Without serious debate on the floor, only fear that their inaction would be responsible for another 9/11, the act  was voted to passe. We know that "The Patriot Act" violates several of our constitutions such as the 1st amendment and the 4th amendment.

The bill of rights and the constitution are in danger of disentigration. our government is engaged in radical imperialism in our name. This benefits only a few people while the majority lose everything our forefathers have died for.

Why is it that Bush and Cheney weren't impeached?  Why are our soldiers dying if all the information is proven to be lies? Why aren't we asking for all the private contractors who profited illegally from the war in Iraq to be accountable for their actions? Why aren't we outraged? Are we all lobotomized, by "reality, gossip, T.V., and media"?
We the people have the real power; our action is what changed the course of history. It is our innaction that has allowed genocide, racism, abuse of power, dictatorship, and perpetual fear that only encourages more silence. Education is key, right to your congressman, to the president, understand our Rights and the Constitution. There is a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King in all of us.

"There is risk in taking action but there is a greater risk not to."
Harry S. Truman.

"If you have to give up  your liberty for greater security,
you do not deserve your liberty or your security."
Benjamin Franklin.
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