Saturday, October 3, 2009

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." Joseph Stalin

"In the arts of life man invents nothing;
but in the arts of death he outdoes Nature herself,
and produces by chemistry and machinery all the slaughter of plague,
pestilence, and famine."
George Bernard Shaw

" Rachel Corrie; American killed by an Israeli army bulldozer, Tom Handel; British shot to the head by an Israeli sniper, James Miller; British shot by the Israeli army. If foreigners are dying like this in Gaza what happen to the one million Palestinians who live there."  This is how the documentary "Investigation" by Journey man begins.
This documentary is filmed by a British crew over a period of 40 days. They lived and filmed daily events that you will not see in main stream media. Palestinian civil casualty is a fact deliberately omitted from the
The Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are under siege by the Israeli Army.
The Jewish People were victimized during WWII by the Nazi German and since 1948 Israel is victimizing the  Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip. Children born during this conflict don't know what freedom feels like; they live under Israeli control like Jewish people lived under Roman rule in AD.
The word Palestinian people does not reflect the reality of  what children, men and women of Palestine in particular those in the Gaza strip had, have and will endure under Israel single agenda take over the Gaza strip. The Israeli Army with the support of  the United States have at their disposal the latest technology and advanced weaponry.  The Palestinian fight back with archaic and home made weapons. Gaza is a giant prison, a camp where people are dehumanized.  The same Nazi propaganda is use to dehumanized the Palestinian; it is so effective that when we think terrorist we think every Palestinian are terrorists, heartless, cowards and murderers.
Watching this program helped me understand the resentment of the Palestinian towards the U.S.  How can we accept this unfazed and support this injustice. With every innocent Palestinian civilian dying, dozen are rising and calling for "jihad", their only thoughts: revenge for the death of  their mothers, for the death of their sisters and brothers.  Revenge against those who abandoned them for bigger pay check and because of their greed. Revenge for the daily humiliation of a father on front of his son, revenge against the one who is responsible for your child helplessly lying in an hospital bed covered in blood from an Israeli bomb.  It is unfortunate that these are the feelings that will throw young Palestinian into the arms of radical true terrorists.

Why would Israel, be such a tyrant? and Why would the U.S. would willingly and knowingly stand with Israel? Is our government really a hostage to the wealth of the Jewish American lobbyist. Are millions of  Palestinians expendable.? ...Please watch this 10 min documentary, and take a moment to leave a comment.
May 2003

Life in Gaza is a constant gauntlet of Israeli sniper fire, military rockets and army bulldozers. No one is safe. In light of the escalating tensions, we're bringing back one of our most moving documentaries, a hard-hitting expose of life in the occupied territories. We speak to the children caught in the crossfire and find out the true cost of Israel's targeted assassinations policy.

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