Monday, September 14, 2009

Part II 1915 The Ottoman Government relocates millions of Armenians.

In April 1915 hundreds of Armenian leaders of ConstantinopleMeh were arrested and deported. In May 1915, med Talat Pasha Minister of the interior requested the measures of relocation and settlement of Armenians be legalized giving the Ottoman government military authorization to deport anyone it "sensed" as a threat to national security.
What followed has been largely documented by American diplomats like the Ambassador Henry Morgenthau Sr.(1913 – 1916) and German like Major General Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressentein who noted that "The Turkish policy of causing starvation is an all too obvious proof… for the Turkish resolve to destroy the Armenians." Swedish ambassador and military attache On July 7, 1915, dispatched a two page report to Stockholm, beginning with the following information: "The persecutions of the Armenians have reached hair-raising proportions and all points to the fact that the Young Turks want to seize the opportunity, since due to different reasons there are no effective external pressure to be feared, to once and for all put an end to the Armenian question. The means for this are quite simple and consist of the extermination of the Armenian nation."

Documents of deliberate neglect to properly provide for the deportees are abundant in the archive of the US, England,Germany and other European Countries. Witness to the dying of thousand of women,children, man of all ages are recorded. It is estimated that over 1,5 millions died between 1915 and 1916.

To the question was there an intent, to destroy the Armenian population during the rounding and deportation of the Armenian? I have to say that the Ottoman let the people starve, they did not to prevent or avoid their demise.  Was it a genocide? based on the definition? Yes. But to condemn, the Ottoman Turk you must condemn, the US and Europe too for they also stood by and watch it happen. Could they have stopped it? yes ,by putting pressure to the Ottoman 

government, could they have prevented it?  YES

The Great Powers must also be on the bench of the accused and take responsibility for their INACTION.  In all crimes there are the perpetrators and then there are those who witness it and choose to not intervene.  
The Great Powers have witnessed the holocaust, the South Africa apartheid massacres, the Bosnia, Somelia,Tchad, Darfur's genocides and chose not to interfere.
Today Turkish people are more inclined to search for the truth, and no longer accept the Turkish government's answers to the Armenian question at face value. The truth about those events will set Turkey free.
2,8 millions Turks died during that same period. Every Memorial reminds us of our failures to act. Today Armenian terrorist groups kill innocent Turkish civilians in the name of justice when in fact they are only perpetrating the hate. 

"It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it."
Eleanor Roosevelt

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