Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Iraq's War" The men and women who fought and died.

My War, My Story ( after viewing the movie, please take a minute and leave a comment.)

This documentary is a candid highlight of Iraq's war.  Vets from across the country talk about their position on the war. Most of these vets remain loyal yet question the U.S. involvement in Iraq. This documentary is not a statement from the political left– many of these vets have a conservative backgrounds.

The outrage shown by some vets of how corporations has made billions at their expense come mostly from the working class. The documentary highlight the difficulties to resume their life that patriotism made them go, greed made them expendable.

You will also hear of civilians killed at checkpoints. Eric, from Chicago describes the accidental slaughter of three generations of a family. Jimmy from North Carolina ordered his Marines to open fire on a speeding car, which turned out to be full of civilians. What effects do incidents like these have in the long run on returning vets?

The film is divided into ten topical sections:
Why Are We in Iraq?
Support the Troops
On Coming Home, etc.
The style is very open, candid and informal. There is some footage from Iraq, including live combat footage involving one of the vets. Many of the vets remain very troubled by their experiences. For them, the war will never be over

Our entire country is still paying for this war. Some more then other, some gave the ultimate sacrifice, "their live". There is no "weapon of mass destruction", the Iraqi people do not want the US soldiers on their soil, it was all an intelligent blunder... how can mother, fathers, sisters and brothers who lost someone can be reconciled with such an excuse?
We should all be patriots, give our lives to defend and protect our unique "constitution, liberties and justice." But democracy is not synonym of Capitalism, capital gain should not justify a war, even more so when only few profit and the whole loose.

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