Sunday, September 6, 2009

Armenian Genocide the Truth.

Part III Armenian Massacre was it a Genocide?

Watch this documentary of the Armenian relocation massacre "genocide."  In my previous blog, I did apply the definition of the word "genocide " to the tragic historical events of 1915 by the Ottoman to the Armenians.

I am giving here another point of view. This documentary is another account of why, who, when and how the relocation happened. The Turkish government will deny the genocide to not have to give reparation to the Armenians, The Armenians will use the death of 1,2 millions of innocent Armenians during World War to promote their political agenda, play on people sensibilities by bombarding the media with  dramatic and horrible pictures, the objective of this media manipulation is to get  the support of the great nations. With their support they will have the power to follow up with claims for an independent nation in the borders of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq. Turkey will never accept this and I doubt that Azerbaijan and Iraq will. Turkey does not deny the facts, but deny the Ottoman's plot and the systematic method to annihilate the Armenian Nation. Get the facts before judging. I do not have all the facts but I am looking ...

Please watch and I know you have an opinion. share it ! thank you.


H. Nizam said...

Greetings from Jakarta.
Thank you very much for visiting & following my blog. I am now following your interesting blog.
Let us keep in touch.
About the Armenian genocide:
I have heard about it quite some time
and I agree that anyone involved should be tried like any other war criminals.

Donald Swarbrick said...

These things will never go away, and the people responsible should be brought to justice. Only time will tell. Justice sometimes has a way of finding its own way.

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