Thursday, August 6, 2009

North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Il's Iron hand.

Kim Jung II is potentially the most dangerous man in power today.
He declared that he will use his nuclear missiles if his regime is threatened. He rules over the most isolated country in the world. Its size is like the state of Mississippi, its population twenty two millions. The isolation of the population is total. No contact with anyone from outside unless priory authorized.
North Korea has no industry, its primary supplier is China and Russia. Its agriculture is primitive due to a lack of advance technology, yet his leader has acquired at the beginning of the twenty first century nuclear power.
It is know that Kim Jong II would sale his nuclear technologies (plutonium) to anyone who will pay the right price. It is the leverage he needed to guarantee of his regime.
North Korean Military is the 5th larger in the world (1, 2 million in uniforms) and it is the largest submarine fleet in the world.
You may wonder why when faced with such a treat the USA did not stop North Korea to pursue it nuclear program? First because of the fear of nuclear retaliation from Kim Jong II. and second unlike Iraqis and Saddam Hussein regime of terror, North Korea’s population are well indoctrinated. The indoctrination begins in kindergarten where they are told story’s of their “Dear Leader”. The level of popularity of their leader is unquestionable. There is not division in the country in this regard. The propaganda and life long indoctrination of the population is based and focused on it manipulation of tradition and faith.
In the early nineteen twenties when Korea was invaded by Japan, Japan’s cruelty toward Korea’s population was pushed by its policy of cultural obliteration of Korean identity. The Massacre conducted in its capital Nan king is still in the Korean's mind. At the end of the WWII Russia and USA divided the Peninsula at an arbitrary line "The 38th Parallel".Kim Il sung was chosen by Stalin to lead the north. He acted on his dream of reunifying the country on 1950 by invading South Korea. Three years later in 1953 a ceases fire was signed and the 38th parallel was one again the line of division between the north and the south.
Father and Son, like Stalin reinvented its life using propaganda. They were the liberator, savior, and father of the country. They promoted the ideologies called Juche, it is the official government ideology. The name is Korean for self-reliance. At first the ideology consisted of two fundamental ideas: the proletarian revolution belonged to the people, and that the masses must be organized by a great leader then Kim Il sung introduced a refined analogy: the leader is the brain, the people the body and the worker's party is the nervous system witch communicates with the brain on behalf of the people. Because the ideology was based on spirituality and thousands of years of tradition, he was able to have the devotion of the North Korean people, he isolated his country from any news from the outside world. Finally even slowly separating himself from Russia and China. It is in 1980 that Kim Il jung was officially designated to be the next leader of North Korea.
By the mid-eighties South Korea is a modern booming economic power, while North Korea’s economy is growing bleak. Seoul received in 1988 the Olympics. To destabilize the country North Korea engage in policies of kidnapping and act of terrorism. In 1987, 2 North Korean agents were arrested when a bomb explodes on a Korean airline at a stop over killing 150 peoples.
In the end of the eighties the communist world collapsed; the Berlin wall is brought down and Russia is no longer a super power.
Kim Jong II’s son Kim Il-sung is by this time at the head of the military, to secure the survival of his regime he turn to nuclear research.
In 1994 North Korea test his missile. The Clinton administration is getting ready for war. . In exchange Carter goes to North Korea to avoid war and negotiating the ceasing of Kim Il Jung missile program, in exchange for economic support. North Korea accepts. The republican takes over congress and the USA do not follow through.
For several years and all through the nineties natural disaster has weakened the country. The population is faced with famine and starvation. 30% of his gross domestic product goes to the military. Kim Il jung is more then ever determine to finalize his nuclear program at the expense of the people. Millions will be left to starve.
In 2000 secretary of state Madeleine Albright returned from a summit with an offer of North Korea to stop his nuclear program, all export of ballistic missiles, freeze the production, deployment and testing of all ballistic missile with a range of 300 miles or more. But to the surprise of everyone G. Bush' administration did not follow through with the offer. During an official meeting between USA and North Korea in 2003 in china, North Korea assert its possession of atomic weapons.

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